Thursday, March 26, 2009

What This Blog is All About

Obviously, I am a big fan of Ronald D. Moore’sBattlestar Galactica.” But in watching the series' 3-hour finale, “Daybreak (Part II),” I was left with a gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction. It’s not that I thought the finale was bad – quite the contrary. It was that it left me wanting more; more drama, more sacrifice, more consequences for past actions by the main characters, and above all more meaning. More emotional resonance from the experience.

In the end, Daybreak for me was an experience that didn’t quite live up to the standards that the show had set during the course of its 5-year (4 season) run on the Sci-Fi channel. Of course, this is Ron Moore’s creation and he has every right to end it in a way he sees fit. I just wanted more, and felt there could be more, from the last episode. While I agreed with the basic structure of the episode – including the use of flashbacks to fill in the gaps of certain character arcs, I felt that in the end, Moore didn’t take enough chances. He either didn’t trust himself or his audience enough to take the show boldly where it deserved to go. He punted.

The more I expressed these sentiments to various friends who were also fans of the show, the more they pressed me to put down on paper (or at least in cyber-bytes) what I would have done differently. I knew if I was going to do so, it would have to be now, while the feelings and frustrations were still fresh in my mind. So this blog was born. It is not intended as a critique of Moore, the show or any of the creative decisions that were made. It is just meant to be my personal statement on what might have been.

Adieu, Galactica. You have served us well …

Mike Bara - 3/26/2009

Note - Certain Portions of this synopsis were lifted from the episode synopsis at the Battlestar Wiki.


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