Thursday, March 26, 2009

Act - 7

Back on Galactica, the strain is starting to get to Sam. His heart rate is shooting up, and he can’t hold the Colony’s guns much longer. Ellen warns Saul that the guns are coming back online, and Tigh orders the Vipers to concentrate their fire on the Colony’s gun turrets. One by one, the turrets come back on line and begin to fire on Galactica.

The assault team is making their way back to Galactica through the labyrinthian corridors of the Colony, fighting off the occasional lone Cylon attack as they go. Hera and Roslin are slowing their progress, and an exhausted Roslin begs Adama to leave her behind. Refusing, Bill and Lee lift her up and start to carry her between them. Ahead of them, they can see the exit and Galactica beyond, perhaps a hundred yards ahead.

On Galactica, Ellen tells the other Four that Sam will die if they don’t help him. As his body overheats, his body temperature now over 107 degrees, she pleads with Saul to join them up above. He tells her he can’t leave his post for anything. She responds that the assault team won’t have a ship to return to if he doesn’t help. Cursing a blue streak, he joins Ellen, Tory and Galen Tyrol on the platform. He complains that he doesn’t even know what to do.

Ellen tells him that the Five each have a role to play, and they can combine their strength with Anders by connecting themselves through the water in Ander's tank. Ellen Tigh tells the others that the process will also share their memories.

But before they begin, Tory Foster, visibly anxious, warns the others that they will see "certain things" they have done. She tries to prepare the others for what they will see of her, who she truly is. An impatient Saul Tigh screams at her to “Get your frakkin’ hands in the god’s damn water!”

The Five dip their hands and make the connection. As their strength flows to Anders, his heartbeat slows, his body temperature drops and the gun turrets begin to shut down again. Foster's visions of murdering Cally Tyrol in an effort to protect her secret of being a Cylon comes to the forefront, surprising the other members of the Five, and angering Galen Tyrol immediately. Tyrol pulls his hands from the pool and wraps them tightly around Tory’s neck in a death-grip, eventually snapping her neck. Ellen and Saul try desperately to help Anders, who goes back into distress but manages to keep the guns silent - for now.

Back on the Colony, the assault team has reached the opening, and Lee orders Helo and Athena to get Hera back into the ship. Lee and Bill, now all but dragging Laura, are just reaching the end of the long corridor when Laura stops them and tells them she can walk the rest of the way on her own. They let her back on her own two feet, and as they do, Bill smiles down at her and bends down to put her chin in his hand. As he does so, his chest explodes from a gunshot.

Laura’s face is spattered in Bill’s blood, and Lee screams “No!” as he turns to see Cavil, who has caught up with them, holding the smoking gun. Protected by Centurions, he looks at them with a self satisfied expression, and then takes aim at Laura. As Lee fumbles with his sidearm, we focus in on Baltar, who turns and sees Adama lying on the ground. When he does, his expression hardens, and in a fit of fury, he turns and rushes the Cylons. Caprica tries to stop him, but he brushes her off. Lifting his rifle and running past Lee and the fallen Bill, he screams and fires wildly, blindly. He has reached his limit, and this is where he will make his stand, this is the line that will not be crossed. Amazingly, each shot finds its mark, as one by one the Centurions are felled by perfect head shots. Soon, all 12 of Cavil’s body guards are down, and he turns his pistol on the charging Baltar, aiming right in the center of his chest. Now out of ammo, Baltar keeps trying to fire but he eventually stops, just a few feet from Cavil, staring death in the face. We pull back to see Head-Six by his side, helping him hold his gun and with a broad grin on her face. She has guided his every shot. Cavil laughs at Baltar once he sees he is out of ammunition. Caprica-Six has run up to scene now, and screams “Gaius!” as Baltar stares down the barrel of Cavil’s gun. At peace with himself finally, Baltar closes his eyes and waits. Cavil fires, but unbelievably, he misses. Caprica looks up to see Head-Baltar holding Cavil’s arm, having pulled the gun off target. Baltar, seizing the moment, dives at Cavil and slams into him at a dead run and knocks him to the ground. A vicious struggle ensues, and Caprica tries to intervene, but Lee holds her back. Baltar beats Cavil savagely, pounding his face to a bloody pulp. Throwing him off, they both lunge for the gun, but Baltar gets there first and holds it in his bloody, carved up hands. Cavil drops to his knees, puts his hands up, as if to God, looks at Baltar and says one word: “Please.” It is unclear if he is asking Baltar for mercy, or asking him to pull the trigger and finally take all the pain away. Baltar doesn’t hesitate; he pulls the trigger and blows Cavil’s head off.

Caprica-Six breaks away from Lee and runs to embrace Baltar while Lee calls back to Galactica; send a medic. The Admiral is down.

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