Thursday, March 26, 2009

Act - 1

“How it Should Have Ended”

Battlestar Galactica “Daybreak - Part II”

Mike Bara

Aboard the Battlestar Galactica, final preparations are made for the mission...

Gaius Baltar sits alone in the empty bay aboard Galactica that formerly housed him and his flock. Paulla tells him the last Raptor is leaving and he needs to come now. He tells her to go to the hangar deck and that he will be along shortly. Head-Six appears to him, telling him to trust in God's plan for him. Barely containing his anger and frustration, he asks what that plan is. She tells him that he already following it. This evasive answer infuriates Baltar, who is already questioning his own worth after deciding to stay with the fleet instead of joining the mission to rescue Hera Agathon. He lashes out at Head-Six, telling her he is sick to death of “God’s plan,” and that all it has brought him and the human race is death, destruction and misery. During his tirade, Caprica-Six passes Paulla in the hall; Paulla gives Six a dirty look but leaves as instructed. When Six enters the bay, she sees Baltar in spirited conversation with Head-Baltar, instead of Head-Six, which is who he sees. She listens intently to his conversation, in which Baltar declares that he is responsible for all that has happened, not “God’s plan,” and that he is a complete failure has an instrument of God and more importantly, as a human being. Head-Six watches and listens with some amusement, and turns her attention to Caprica-Six. From Baltar’s perspective, he sees Head-Six turn and look up to the entranceway. From her perspective, Caprica-Six sees Head-Baltar turn and look at her. Realizing how this must look, Baltar tries to reassure Caprica-Six that he is not insane, that he sees angels. She comes down the stairs and walks up to him, faces Head-Baltar, and tells Gaius that it’s OK, she can see them too. Head-Baltar smiles at her, while simultaneously Baltar sees Head-Six smiling at him. They are the same entity.

In sickbay, Doc Cottle leaves assistant Layne Ishay two injections of heavy medication to allow Laura Roslin enough lucidity and mobility for 48 hours. She thanks him sincerely, causing Cottle to be something he'd rarely been: speechless.

In the pilot ready room, Karl Agathon briefs the Raptor teams on the special nature of their rescue mission. Despite the odds, all volunteer. Athena, still hurt and angry, watches her husband and sees that he is a leader of men. For the first time since Hera was taken, the slightest hint of a smile creases her face. Despite it all, her love for him is deep and genuine.

Lee Adama briefs the marines on where little Hera would likely be: deep inside the Cylon Colony. He gives them one more chance to back out. None do.

In the CIC, Admiral Adama works out the tactics of the battle against the Colony; Close-range combat - no nuclear weapons and missiles. He orders the gun batteries to fire until all ammo is exhausted, and after that, to "start throwing rocks." With that, he dismisses his assembled officers and they scatter to assume their duty stations.

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