Thursday, March 26, 2009

Act - 6

The goo in the Colony has started to attach itself to Galactica, creating a seal so that pressure suits are no longer necessary to enter the Colony from the airlock at the front of the alligator head of Galactica.

Driven by the opera house vision, Baltar and Caprica-Six have left the Galactica and are now walking the hallways of the Colony. There are sporadic sounds of firing, but it is far off. They turn a corner and see Boomer, carrying Hera. Before they can react, Cavil shows up with a team of Centurions and Boomer is captured and whisked away. Caprica-Six and Baltar run after them, but lose them in the maze-like hallways.

Roslin, who by now has entered the Colony as well, sees Cavil, Boomer and Hera walk past her and begins to follow them. She too loses them in the halls.

In another part of the Colony, Adama, Lee and Kara’s team are trying to navigate the halls. Suspecting that Hera will be held deep in the innards of the Colony they chart a path and begin to move out. Along the way, Athena begins to have visions and sees the hallways of the opera house in the distance. Unnoticed, she slips away from the assault team and begins to follow where the visions are leading her.

Inside a chamber in the Colony, Cavil takes Hera, holds a gun to her head and orders the Centurions to hunt down the human assault teams and exterminate them. Turning to Boomer, he says that her line is completely predictable, and even more flawed than the 3’s. If he could, he’d box the lot of them, and tells her that when this is all over, which will be soon, he’ll take special pleasure in making Hera his “pet 14.” For fear he will kill Hera if she makes a move, Boomer can do nothing but watch and wait.

Back in the hallways of the Colony, Caprica-Six, Baltar, Roslin and Athena keep having visions of Hera. As they try to find her, they are drawn closer and closer together. Suddenly, they all see Hera, as well as each other--all grouped together as in the Opera House vision. As the scene shifts between visions of the opera house and the corridors, they all realize what they must do: follow their vision into the opera house--which turns out to be Cavil’s lair. “Well, well, well,” Cavil says disdainfully. “Isn’t this an interesting set of circumstances?” Cavil orders them to drop their weapons, threatening to kill Hera. Baltar pleads for the child's freedom, telling Cavil that Hera is the key to humanity's survival as well as the Cylons. He reasons with Cavil that there are higher forces at work that have led them all to this place for a reason. Baltar also reveals that he has been visited by angels - the agents of God. “Ellen Tigh is my God,” Cavil tells him. “I don’t know the one you’re talking about.” Just then, Adama, Lee, Kara and the assault team arrive on the scene. Cavil retreats further as Baltar warns them all to stay back. Tensions mount and it becomes obvious that Cavil’s hatred for humanity is so deep and abiding that he will never surrender Hera. Just as it seems Cavil is about to give up hope and kill Hera and himself, Boomer calls out his first name, “John.” He turns to her and she reaches out and kisses him passionately on the mouth. Distracted just for an instant, Cavil pulls away but is knocked unconscious by Baltar with the butt of his rifle. Caprica-Six, Laura and Helo all lunge for Hera, with Caprica scooping her up as in the vision, and hands Hera to Helo. Without a word, Athena pulls her gun on Boomer. Boomer tells Admiral Adama that she "owed him one." A flashback scene shows what Boomer meant: a time back in her days on Galactica, as Adama and Tigh redress her but give her another chance to be a better pilot. With the child safe, Athena shoots Boomer. Helo, clutching his child, takes one last look at Boomer, a scowl of disgust crossing his face before he follows them all out of the lair.

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