Thursday, March 26, 2009

Act - 3

A shot of the Fleet shows that the rebel base ship has fully regenerated from the damage it sustained in the Cylon civil war. It is ready to lead the civilians to safety while Galactica goes hunting. The base ship and the fleet jump away as Galactica retracts her landing pods to prep for the FTL jump.

Adama calls for a ship-wide readiness report. All of the various departments respond. When Laura gives the ready signal for the sickbay, Adama is moved at the sound of her voice.

Meanwhile, in sickbay, Ishay preps the facility for the wounded. Laura Roslin assists as best she can. Ishay tells her that when a casualty is too far gone, she needs to mark their forehead with a red “X” and move them to a separate area of the sickbay. They must concentrate their efforts on saving those that have a chance. Laura asks how she will know which ones have a chance and which ones don’t. Ishay tells her that head wounds, chest wounds near the heart or on the right side near the liver are always fatal.

Vipers are in the launch tubes at the ready. The entire Raptor squadron, armed with missiles, has been placed inside the starboard flight pod, amidst the remnants of the old Galactica museum.

Gaius Baltar is dressed as a soldier, assigned to help defend the corridors leading to the CIC against Cylon borders. He is surprised to find Caprica-Six by his side. They begin to talk. He is shaking and tells her he is a coward; that he is scared to die but that he’s more afraid of living, of going on with all of the guilt and shame for what he’s done. Baltar apologizes to her and says that this is all his fault. If he hadn’t been weak none of this would have happened. Caprica reminds him that it was she who did the actual sabotaging of the Colonial defenses, that he would have never given her access if she hadn’t tempted him. She is the one ultimately responsible. He tells her he’s not just talking about the attack on the Colonies, but “everything.” She understands and tells him that at the end, his father was happy. He was as happy as he could be when the end came. “Thanks to you,” he reminds her, “not to me.” She tells him that if anyone deserves to die for their sins, it is her. She tells him how she snapped the neck of the baby on the Riverwalk in Caprica City. She didn’t mean to, it just happened. She’s spent the last several years telling herself that she spared the baby a hellish fiery death in the nuclear holocaust. But it wasn’t until she lost her own baby, before it was even born, before she even had a chance to see her son, that she realized what she had done to the mother of the baby, the anguish she had put her through in those last few hours before the attack. “I made her last hours of life a living hell. I should have known God would never let me keep my own child after what I’d done.” Tears streaming down his face as he listens to her, Baltar takes her face in his hands and kisses her, with a gentleness and sincere love we’ve never seen from him before.

In CIC, Ellen Tigh signals that Anders is ready to be hooked up.

Adama gives a final speech, a final message and a call to arms. He tells them that this will be Galactica’s final battle, and that if they do not fail her, she will not fail them.

The battlestar jumps away from the fleet, and the Battle of the Colony begins.

Galactica jumps in only a few hundred yards from the edge of the Colony--and is immediately besieged by the Cylon batteries.

With little time, Sam Anders attempts to make contact with the Colony Hybrids—successful, he takes them offline, apparently by causing them to go into a state of ecstasy. Ellen warns that Cylon Raiders will appear any minute.

Galactica responds by launching its fighter wings. The Vipers launch into the melee and the Raptors jump directly from within the starboard pod--causing incredible damage to the pod as it vents open and the support struts start to crack. But the gamble pays off as the Raptors have placed themselves on the opposite side of the Colony in a flanking position.

Adama orders Galactica’s engines to flank speed. He rams the alligator head of the battlestar into the Colony. Galactica's crew takes a beating, but so does the Colony. The Colonials have breeched it, forming an entrance. Lee Adama blows a hatch at the front of the battlestar, rappels down and leads his marines and a unit of the rebel Cylon Centurions inside the Colony.

Sharon Agathon and Helo's Raptor make their way to the Colony's interior.
Racetrack and Skulls arm their nuclear missiles, presumably to strike the colony after the rescue. But suddenly a piece of debris strikes their Raptor, killing all aboard and leaving the Raptor adrift.

The Raptors breech another section of the Colony, and their teams enter.

Deep inside the Colony, a Simon works on young Hera as Boomer looks on in disgust. When she questions why he continues to work on Hera, the Simon explains that they have a superior force and numbers, so the attack is unlikely to succeed. When his attention is focused elsewhere, Boomer suddenly assaults the Simon, snapping his neck. She takes Hera out of the room.

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