Thursday, March 26, 2009

Act - 5

Caprica-Six and Baltar hold off the enemy Centurions. Baltar is firing but not hitting much, while Six is blasting Centurions right and left. As more enemies appear, threatening to overwhelm the defenses, more Marines arrive to reinforce them and Caprica and Baltar fall back.

In sickbay, Laura Roslin experiences another vision of the Opera House and little Hera. Simultaneously, Caprica-Six also has the vision as does Athena. Struggling to walk, driven by something she doesn’t fully understand, Roslin gets up to find Hera. A soldier on a stretcher calls out to her and reaches out, smearing her clothes with blood, but Laura walks past him in a zombie-like state.

Lee and his team are under heavy fire from the enemy Centurions, surrounded, pinned down and running out of ammo. He calls on the wireless for Starbuck, but her Raptor team, like he and his Marines, are trapped and doing all they can to defend themselves. Lee gets on the radio and calls back to the CIC, telling him the advance has stalled and that they need reinforcements. Admiral Adama attempts to tell him that they have no men to spare as they have been boarded by the Cylons, but the connection is full of static and breaking up. Adama looks at Tigh, who knows, and he gives command of Galactica to him, telling him to “complete the mission, no matter what, COMMANDER Tigh.” Tigh starts to protest, but Adama grabs a gun and leads the CIC contingent of marines away.

Starbuck, Helo and Athena are fighting off the Centurions as best they can. The hallways are littered with piled up mechanical bodies from both sides, some of them still trying to claw and fight with half their bodies torn apart. A new group of Centurions emerges from another direction, and Kara and Helo fire at them, but soon their ammo is out. Athena fires a few more rounds but now she is out too. Cautiously at first, the Centurions, led by a Simon, advance on the Colonial position. With one grenade left, Starbuck tells them to wait until they can see “the red in their eye” and then to cover her by throwing their weapons and equipment at the Cylons. With that distraction, she will jump the barrier they are hiding behind and run into the midst of the enemy, detonating the grenade. Helo protests, but Starbuck says that there’s no point; the Cylons aren’t taking any prisoners today. Just as all is ready and Kara has her grip on the pin, a wall behind the advancing Cylon forces blows out and half of the Centurions are destroyed in the explosion. Through the breech, Bill Adama and his team of Marines take the Cylons out from behind, with Bill personally capping the Simon as it begs for its life. Starbuck rushes up to Adama. As the Marines re-arm Helo, Athena and the rest of the team with ammo, Kara says simply “Lee,” and Adama orders them to mount up and follow him.

They wander the corridors aimlessly, following the sound of gunfire and destroying the odd Centurion they encounter along the way. Finally coming upon Lee’s position, they blast the Cylons and free his team up. Lee is happy to see his father, who pops open his uniform pocket and shows him his father’s cigarette lighter. “Now let’s go find that little girl,” he says to Helo and Athena.

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