Thursday, March 26, 2009

Act - 2

The Final Five plan to use Samuel Anders, now effectively a Hybrid on Galactica, to interface with the Colony and its Hybrids to interrupt their commands and slow the Colony's weapon systems. The catch is that Anders will need to be connected to the DRADIS, fire control and C-3 systems. They plan to take Anders and connect him inside the CIC.

Kara Thrace presents this plan to Admiral Adama, who will have none of it. Networking a Cylon directly into the brain of Galactica is the last straw for him. Kara argues with him furiously, and points out that everyone else has sacrificed something, their lives, their comfort, their loved ones, their principles, except him. This plan is their only chance, and he has to accept that his old world is gone, his old way of thinking and his old way of doing things is obsolete. “Then maybe I’m obsolete too,” he says in a moment of insight. Reluctantly, he agrees to the plan. [Note – according to the podcast, a scene similar to this one was actually shot, but was cut for time and will be in the extended DVD version].

In CIC, Colonel Saul Tigh jokes with his old friend at the bizarre sight of a Cylon interfaced to his battlestar. Adama looks seriously at Tigh and asks how they became so desperate. “Personally, I blame Ellen,” Tigh quips. Adama smiles. Gooey wires and conduit that extend over Adama's command console are everywhere, even hooked into the DRADIS console. There is no going back now. “Still not too late to flush them all out of the airlock,” Tigh quips. “Take too much time,” Adama answers.

Admiral Adama and Lee Adama hand over the command of the fleet and the presidency of the colonies to Hoshi and Romo Lampkin, respectively. Adama tells Hoshi that if they aren't back from the mission in 12 hours, they will never come back. Together, Lee and Admiral Adama salute Hoshi and Romo as they board the last Raptor to leave Galactica for the rebel Cylon base ship, the Fleet's new flagship.

Baltar's followers also board the Raptor. Baltar enters, but then tells Paulla that he must stay on the Galactica. Paulla and Tracey-Anne plead with him, and tell him that the flock needs him, but Baltar tells them that he needs to do this more than they need him. He puts the flock in Paulla’s hands and kisses them both gently goodbye. As he turns from the Raptor, he sees Caprica-Six on the hangar deck watching and approving. Lee, still not convinced of Baltar’s sincerity, tosses him a weapon and suggests that maybe Caprica can teach him how to use it.

A Number Six leads a large number of Cylon Centurions through the hangar deck. Bill Adama watches from the railing above with Saul Tigh. Starbuck is busy readying the Raptor assault teams, but looks up from below. She sees the Cylons and realizes how difficult this must be for Bill. The Six comes up to Starbuck and tells her they have a problem; how will they tell the “good” centurions from the bad ones? Starbuck suggests they get a bucket of paint and mark their centurions with a stripe. Adama watches this exchange as Starbuck fetches a bucket of red paint. He orders her to stop, then descends the stairwell and crosses to them. He is seething as he looks first to Starbuck, then to the Six and finally to the Centurions, who all watch him curiously. Adama addresses the Six, and asks her how the Centurions were selected for this mission. She is intimidated by his presence but shakily tells him that “they volunteered.” He takes this in, then moves to stand face to face with the first Centurion. It cocks its head slightly, and there is a brief standoff as Adama faces his old enemy, his mortal enemy, and considers how they came to this place. Wordlessly, he bends down and picks up the brush, slapping the red paint across the centurion in a long stripe. One by one, the other Centurions line up to painted with the red slash by the Admiral.

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