Thursday, March 26, 2009

Act - 4

The Colony's halls are filled with gunfire. Cylon Centurions, including older Model 0005's, fight each other as the Colonial fire teams push through.

John Cavil, a Doral and another Simon decide to go on the offensive, attacking the battlestar with another contingent of Centurions.

In a corridor in Galactica, ready to repel boarders, Caprica-Six and Baltar wait. Baltar is shaking. He asks Caprica if she believes that their guides are really angels, and if she thinks that if he somehow becomes a hero on this day if it will redeem him in God’s eyes.

With a shudder, the battlestar hull is breeched as waves of enemy Centurions, both old-model and modern, pour into the ship.

Hearing the sounds of gun fire in the distance, Caprica-Six tells Baltar that she doesn’t even know what being a hero means. She was a “Hero of the Cylon” for seducing him and assisting in the extermination of the 12 colonies of Kobol. She tells him that what she did isn’t heroism in any sense. To her, a hero is someone who sees a wrong, and against all odds and in spite of the danger to themselves, decides to stand up against that wrong and do what he knows is right. As the sounds of the shooting get closer, we focus in on Baltar, still shaking and scared out of his wits, gripping his gun even more tightly.

Ishay has her hands full in sickbay, trying to triage and treat as many people as she can. The experience is taxing physically and mentally for Roslin, as she comforts more dying than not. A Marine is brought in on a gurney, and Laura examines him. He has a wound on his right middle torso. Laura tries to comfort him but Ishay comes up and tells her the wound is to his liver. She hands Laura a shot of morpha and Laura, trembling, gives the screaming man his shot and marks his forehead with an “X.” Orderly’s come and take him away as Laura stares blankly into space.

Galactica’s gun batteries are being targeted by Cylon Raiders. She is losing what little defensive ability she has left. Enemy forces have broken through to the reserve lines--where Baltar waits.

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