Thursday, March 26, 2009

Act - 9

A crippled Galactica is seen passing over Earth’s Moon. Inside the CIC, the ship is still creaking and crumbling, and rocking back and forth. Tyrol has left Sam and informs Tigh that the tidal stresses from the large Moon are tearing Galactica apart. As Galactica begins to fall to Earth at high speed, the starboard landing bay pod, previously damaged when the Raptor team jumped from inside the bay itself, tears along the cracks that had previously formed and breaks off. As Galactica rocks and rolls, spinning out of control towards Earth, the starboard landing bay is captured by the gravity of the Moon and falls away.

Galactica continues to spiral downward, and Tigh calls for all hands to abandon ship. He tells Lee to oversee the lifeboats and orders the Raptors to launch. As the CIC clears out, Tigh goes to Ellen’s side. Tyrol offers to help her off the ship and carries her away. Tigh then turns to Starbuck, who is cradling Sam in her arms. “Please,” she asks him, “Help me save him.” Tigh looks around and sees they are the only 2 people left in the CIC, and helps her disconnect Sam and lift him from the tub. Struggling, they carry him through the disintegrating ship to one of the last life boats, and strap into the small escape pod. “Sure hope somebody’s inspected these frakkin’ things in the last 5 years,” he says aloud as they break away. “I never thought you’d be the one to come through for me, Colonel,” Starbuck tells him. As the life boat tumbles away and begins to re-enter, they see Galactica below them, spinning, tumbling and breaking apart. She splits into many pieces, the port side pod breaking away and streaking toward what we recognize as modern day Turkey.

The rest of the life boats parachute down to a rough landing near each other.

The Fleet jumps into Earth orbit. A Raptor has found Hoshi and guided them to Earth.

On a green, rich savannah in Africa, Lee Adama, Cottle, Saul Tigh, Hoshi, and Baltar look on, lying prone on their stomachs with binoculars at a small village of humans, who are living in primitive-teepee like tents. Cottle confirms that the native humans are compatible with the Colonials genetically.

At a camp, as President Lampkin considers the building of a new city, Baltar asks him to let humanity start all over again and leave their technology behind. Let the Colonials enter Earth with just their basic possessions. Lee joins him in making this case, arguing that the use of technology is the cause of all their problems. Lampkin points out that it is the misuse of technology, technology applied without regard for the ethical and spiritual principles upon which their civilization was founded, which led to their downfall. The idea is put to a vote, and most of the humans elect to keep their technology, but agree to scrap the ships.

Lee Adama maps out a plan to populate various continents and land masses, spreading out humanity and Cylon far and wide, distributing supplies to give all a good chance of survival.

A Leoben tells Lampkin that the remaining Twos, Sixes, and Eights will stay on Earth as well, handing over the base ship to the Centurions, to give them their freedom. When Lee Adama questions if setting the Centurions free won't cause another holocaust hundreds of years from now, Ellen Tigh, who has recovered, agrees it's a risk, but believes the cycle of death has been ended. Lee agrees.

Lee tells them that after everyone is offloaded from the ships, the Fleet will reunite with Colonial One a final time. Piloted by Samuel Anders, who will be hooked up to a hybrid tank on board, he will fly all the ships on a final voyage into the Sun.

Kara Thrace, eyes filled with tears, meets with Lee and tells him that she is going with Anders. Lee protests, asking her what suicide will accomplish, other than to leave him alone for the rest of his life. “I just got another chance with you Kara. I just got you back,” he tells her. “No,” she responds, “You never had me.” He starts to cry, but she reminds him she’s been dead once already, she has served whatever purpose she was allowed to come back for, and she doesn’t even know what she is anymore. “But I want to find out,” she tells him. As a last act, she puts her dog tags around his neck, hands him the picture of her, him and Zak from her locker, and kisses him goodbye. “Don’t forget me, she whispers. “I'll see you on the other side.”

A flashback scene shows the pigeon that was trapped in Lee's apartment after his first dinner with Kara and Zak. It looks at Lee and flies out of the window and away.
As Starbuck is about to board Colonial One, Leoben approaches her and asks her to stay. He tells her he is sorry for all he put her through, but he knows now it was for the benefit of them all. Kara is unforgiving, and tells him if he wants absolution for what he has done he’ll have to find it from someone else.

Samuel Anders' voice from the past talks of his days in sports, dreaming of perfection, and being linked to it, to perfect creation. Anders guides the Fleet, with Kara at his side, now entwined in the mathematical perfection he once spoke of through his function as a Hybrid.

As the Colonial Anthem--a version of the original series main theme--plays, the scene shows Colonial One and the Fleet gathered a final time, heading away from Earth and towards the sun to their demise.

Back on the savannah, night has fallen, and Lee watches the fleet slowly move out of Earth’s orbit. “Goodbye Kara Thrace,” he says aloud. “You won’t be forgotten.”

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